Using Shopify to Drop Ship

Drop shipping is the number one alternative to importing.
You don't have any inventory!


This business model is ideal for people who don't have a lot of extra space in their home, who don't have a lot of excess cash, and who don't want to spend money renting a storage unit each month.
Does this sound like you? If so, keep reading. If not click here to check out Amazon FBA. 

You first need to understand what "drop shipping" is and how it can save you and your customers a ton of money:

So, how does Shopify come into play with all of this? 

Shopify is a fantastic website that makes it extremely easy for people to set up a profitable eCommerce store. I can teach you everything you need to know to set this store up, fill it with profitable products, and put your store on auto pilot by hiring a virtual assistant. If you are interested, click the link to find out more!

Drop shipping, in a nutshell:

It's when you get products sent directly from the manufacturer to your customers without having to go through a wholesaler or retailer first.

Drop shipping saves so much money. Imagine you are walking into a Walmart and you see a frisbee selling for $7.96. You should immediately recognize that Walmart has to purchase these frisbees from an overseas manufacturer who probably sold it to them for nickels and dimes. Walmart proceeds to mark up the price so they can make a profit, as they should. Here's what you could do:

You could setup a Shopify site selling frisbees and buy them straight from the manufacturer, just like Walmart does. Depending on how many sales you want and how much profit you intend to make, you could sell the Frisbees for the same price as Walmart or even less.

I know what you're thinking, "Sounds great, Colton...but where do I GET the frisbees from?" I have one answer for you - Aliexpress. I'm not saying there isn't any other option; in fact, there are a ton of other sites like Aliexpress out there, but you don't need to focus on them right now. Aliexpress is safe, reliable, and user friendly. 

Aliexpress has practically every product you could ever dream of selling online. You don't have to buy the products in bulk and you still get a great price. This makes the site perfect for drop shipping.  

Wait - Hold up.

Why would my customers not buy the product
off of Aliexpress themselves?

Three reasons:

1. People are extremely concerned with giving a "foreign" site their credit card information, especially when they don't know what they are going to get.

2. You will be able to snag the customer before Alibaba by using the marketing techniques described in this course. 

3. Most people don't even know about Aliexpress and don't mind paying the price you offer on your well-created Shopify site.